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Profilbild von Ben Cappelle program director/ manager aus EB

Die bisherigen Kunden schätzen meine Kompetenz in den Bereichen IT Program, Project, Line und Testmanagement. Ich habe Erfahrungen als Program Manager TechMahindra und Telekom Deutschland, Business Unit Leiter, speziell in den Rollen als Offizier der Luftwaffe, Vice President der KLM Flugschule. Interim Test Line Manager der KPN Billing Testabteilung, Interim Business Unit Leiter von zwei Tom Tom Abteilungen, Interim Account Manager Parkmobile mit 7 verschiedene Städter ihre Öffentliche Dienst Stadtparken in die Niederlande, Account Manager, Project Manager in verschiedene Projekten in Atos Origin mit VPN, MPLS und Cisco Environments , Multimedia Communicators und Netzwerk LANWAN Prozessen, Test Manager in verschiedene Bereichen, Main Frame, LAN WAN, Billing und Software Development.. Referenzen dafür sind auf Anfrage verfügbar wenn nicht registriert in diesem Brief.

Meine Erfahrungen welcher Sie möglicherweise interessieren sind :

? Business Development
? Line Management
? Prince 2 Project Management Qualified
? Program Management Qualified
? Bid Management
? Test & Project Management
? SAP transitions and testing
? IT Infrastructure Cisco systems
? IT Restructuring
? E-Governance
? Off-shoring
? ERP solutions and BI DWH
? ITIL Service Management Qualified
? Agile software development System Integration
? Quality Assurance
? IT Consultancy
? CRM, Migrations & Implementations
? Agile software development using Scrum
? Quality Assurance
? Process Re-engineering
? Application Development
? Training Development & Execution
? TmapNext, TPI and CMMI 4-5 and ISTQB
? Network, Voice, IP Telephony, Security
? Total Cost of Ownership Saving Programs &Solutions
? Change and Transition Management
? Contract & Quality Management
? Cisco en Middleware applications

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Ben W.A. Cappelle
Address 1: Lindsterlaan 42a, 9363 EB Marum (GR), Netherlands
Netherlands - Telephone: + (31) 594 644 940 Mobile: +( 31) 628148496 Fax: +(31) 594 644 941
Consultant /CEO / Program Director

A seasoned professional with over 20 years of International Management experience in, and solid understanding of, diverse range of business management including IT Turn Key Programs, Program Management with multinational Telecom accounts, B2C and B2B programs, E-Business programs, Crisis management, Bid programs and Total Cost of Ownership IT saving programs, IT line management, Aviation energy solutions and development, Aviation Operations, Training and Q&A, Project Analysis, Project Consultancy and successfully deploying various projects. Demonstrated ability to select, train and re-train self motivated, client oriented employees. High calibre presentation, negotiation and closing skills as well as technical and process IT knowledge.

? Versatile and highly accomplished Global Management professional offering over 32 years of cumulative experience. 12 years in the areas of Senior Program, Project, line Management and Consultancy for IT Telekom, Banking, Business and Government. 20 years in the Aviation High Tech Sustainable Development, Q&A, Operations and Training in International environments.
? Creative Strategist and an effective planner with the ability to define and implement business missions and action plans to stay firmly afloat in a fiercely competitive business scenario
? Evenly poised entrepreneurial attitude in the IT & Aviation Operations;, Telecom, Banking, Testing, Services, Government, B2B, B2C Aviation Training, and R&D in test processes with Bio energy
? Rich exposure to Oracle E-Business suite, Microsoft MOM, testing environments in Telekom and B2C and B2B and Software development processes, Service Oriented Architecture, Business Driven Test Management, TPI Next, End to End testing with certified ISTQB testers, TMap Next, Agile development and scrum processes
? Expert consultant in start-up operations and Billing processes and effectively seeing through the entire project activities till commissioning & final sign-offs
? Skilled in leading Business Transformations and utilizing Business Intellect. Planning and directing the organization’s activities to achieve stated /agreed targets and quality standards in specified time & budget constraints, Exceptionally adept in promoting technological interventions with outstanding track record in initiating, developing and executing near & off-shoring activities to India and East Europe in various fields of IT and working with leading corporate giants such as Infosys, Telecom Deutschland, KPN, TechMahindra Satyam, Tom Tom and KSA
? Recognized for hands-on experience in developing and executing two major Airfield Disaster exercises of the Airbase Soesterberg involving 5 major cities and the total (900 FTE) population as well as delivering the Helicopter Sea Survival Training based upon the US Air Force doctrine
? Prolific expertise and proven ability in handling critical executive positions such as President of the Dutch Air Force Pilot Association , Treasurer of the 5000+ officers association, Vice President and Head Of Training for successful outsourcing the KLM Flight Academy Civil Commercial training to the USA
? Highly educated Lobbyist with extensive Governmental, Institutional and Industrial network, strong analytical mind and highly skilled in visualization, development and execution of strategies
? Visionary Personnel Manager with entrepreneurial approach; motivating leader with expertise in re-engineering employee attitude thereby facilitating transformational leadership & change processes benefitting organisations
? Certified OGC Program Manager and Prince 2 Practioner
? An excellent communicator with the ability to work under pressure in fast-paced, time sensitive environments. Skilled in Operational Management and Customer Service Management
? Proven ability to interact effectively with administrations of diverse nationalities and multi-cultural set-up. Adept in realigning policies and programmes to streamline project operations

Core Competencies

Business Development ? Line Management in Aviation ? Program Management ? Bid Management ? Test & Project Management & Functional Test processes ? Off-shoring ? ERP solutions ? TAM ? Total Cost of Ownership Saving Programs & Solutions ? Change Management ? Contract & Quality Management ? International Management Consultancy ? CRM, Migrations & Implementations ? BSS and OSS Transitions? Financial processes transitions ? Training Development & Execution
Key Achievements

? Achieved as Program Manager the trust levels that resulted in the Fixed Price Contract Bid accepted by Telekom Deutschland to allow TechMahindra on a exclusive RFI and RFQ to become the Test Factory added value partner for the total critical application areas of Billing departments.
? Managed several turnkey IT projects worth 372.000 until 19 Mio Euros. Successfully managed with KPN and Atos Origin their TCO program with 112 Mio Euro cost savings covering 196 contracts, with 25% reduction in Costs with 196 projects/programs achieved with only 7% FTE HR reduction in a company of 1500 FTE
? Achieved as Project Manager for a Dutch City their stalled project back to operation and developed and restructured the functional product as well as the financial payment processes and B2C parkmobile software product. The success was that great that the software provider asked Ben to help them as Account and software project test manager with seven other cities which 6 out of seven also got successfully elevated.
? Reorganized and restructured and brought successfully under regular control as IT Test Line Manager the two test departments of TOM TOM within 10% shorter than budgeted time and budget.
? Negotiated successfully with three India firms the off shoring contract for Tom Tom with Satyam, Wipro and Infosys. Developed and managed the transition of work to Infosys
? Developed and executed as program manager the BID that resulted in the Hot and High preparation training for the Helicopter Squadrons in the Spanish Highland Zaragozza with total budget and project officer responsibility during three years resulting in a ready to go helicopter group to the Middle East now grown to an adult level and in action. After the BID, recommended for the execution of the Hot and High operation for 3 consecutive years and did so with zero loss of personnel & material and stayed within 3% of the agreed project budget
? Successfully completed a thesis of TCO programs and was invited to give the presentation as Ambassador of Atos Origin in Madrid at the annual IT innovation summit

Career Progression

Program Manager Tech Mahindra for Telekom Deutschland Testing IT departments Apr 2011 – Dec 2011
? Managing International program and 7 project managers with 84 specialists and responsible for 4 Mio revenue growth and standardization and innovation of the ongoing merge within TD with Mobile and fixed net Billing, BWS, BI-DWH, Consumer, Technical services and Service Pillars

Interim Project & Account manager Agile Scrum Development and Testing Oct 2001 – April 2011
? Parkmobile SW delivery company parking permits, The product is using SW Agile and Scrum techniques in their development team
? Managed the SW team and simultaneously activated the account management on 7 cities in the Netherlands using the Park mobile product or implementing it; achieved stabilization in the SW development process, new product purchases, communication lines and revenue within the 7 Cities

Test Manager/Project manager/Information manager/Business Consultant Feb 2009 – Dec 2010
? City of Groningen parking department, restructured the 1.9 Mio euro annual revenue project out of the blocked status to a business case controlled Q&A testing project; reduced error processes to controllable minimum levels. Designed developed and implemented the total automated invoice, booking, rappelling and billing system end to end solution and implementing equens using separate accounts for business and private public successfully with third party suppliers and the internal Financial City department. Budget revenue 1.9 Mio Euro and Tera DB
? Achieved satisfied front and back office employees and above all satisfied customers; Established the RFP for a BI DWH system on the parking department

Interim Test line Manager Test Departments with Tom TOM Nov 2008 – May 2009
? Responsible for functional test departments (4 Dept. with 61 FTE) Mobile navigation devices and services via the internet ISTQB and T-Map next
? Organized the Line Management on 2 very fast expanding test teams within the test department
? Organized the offshore program to India, the selection program the contractual process and the transition process and selection of Infosys out of Satyam and Wipra competitors
? Brought clarity in the goals to achieve, developed the team managers to take responsibility of their team development in hard and soft skills and handed over the permanent test team to line manager

Interim Test line Manager Test Departments KPN Mar 2007 – Nov 2008
? Accountable for Business Critical Billing and CRM test departments telecom (Internet plus bellen KPN)
? Organized a structured team management handling with the Test managers on their test teams. Initiated people process developments and achieved the release goals on time and on budget

Program Manager Banking with Staal Bankiers and Insinger the Beaufort Jan 2007 – Mar 2007
? Provided IT Consultancy services in Banking, Police HQ IT and Ordina Java SW factory and Staal Bankiers-Insinger de Beaufort Sap change research

Program Manager Oct 2006 – Dec 2006
? Responsible within Atos Origin DataCenter for Six Sigma improvement trajectory technical AM; guided in the acceptance of the basic levels of Six Sigma and initiated the improvement processes and training specialists on Prince2 processes

Program Manager May 2006 – Sep 2000
Accountable for Migration HW Thru 64 and SW Oracle 8 to 10G upgrade, Cisco and middleware within Atos Origin

ERP Program Manager Apr 2004 – Sep 2006
? Managed international implementation of business critical ERP Oracle 9I E-business suite in finance dept KPN within Atos Origin and train the trainer sideduty in training projectmanagers and Service Managers on Prince2

ERP Program Manager Apr 2005 – Mar 2006
? Managed ERP Oracle 8, 9I en 10G e-business suite migration and implementation of Huthumaki B2B & account management and their OSS and BSS process, VPN and MPLS Infrastructure from Netherlands to Finland within Atos Origin Datacenter

Consultant Jun 2005 – Jul 2005
? Led the transition of 8 projects HW & SAN en SW migration ICT departments with Sanoma

Project Manager Banking Postbank Interpay Feb 2005 – Aug 2005
? Managed the Interpay connectivity project ‘Postbank electronic banking’ within Atos Origin
and secured the proper operations of transitioning electronic banking end to end.

Project Manager Oct 2004 – Feb 2005
? Responsible for billing KPN Mainframe HW SW SAN and BSS/OSS migration as call detail records and virtual storage development, Cisco and Middleware Interface processes, research analysis, tender management and implementation management within Atos Origin

Project Manager Sep 2004 - Oct 2004
? Accountable for D-Reizen project planning crisis management within Atos Origin
? Analysed the causes for lapse in the project and executed repair measures resulting in structured work

Project Manager Oct 2002 – Sep 2004
? Total Cost of ownership reduction program (TCO) Telco Centre 180 contracts and 112 Mio Euro cash out reduction for KPN. BSS and OSS transition in Billing process area. Reached 34 Mio TCO per year during two consecutive years.

Project Manager May 2002 – Oct 2002
? Responsible for SAP implementation in financial department of Telco centre; initiated change process to adapt to a SAP administration and managed the process transition within Atos Origin

Project Manager Jan 2002 – May 02
? Accountable for TCO out-porting project telecom FTE automation, Cisco and Middleware Interface and Performance solutions, and saved 40 FTE costs annually within Atos Origin

Implementation/Project Manager Jan 2002 – May 2002
? Managed chain automation of online web application telephone account within Atos Origin
? Analysed the total chain process, Interface solutions with IT I nfrastructure, Cisco and Middleware, relieved the political pressures and initiated the program to successful completion

Head of Training Feb 2001 – Jan 2002
? Managed CRM e-Marketing/Train the Trainer seminars within Aviation Global Solutions BV
? Designed and guided the trainers to construct on 9 subjects the theoretical content. Commercially prepared and executed 5 training workshops with 95 instructors signed up and made 36.000 revenue

Head of Training/Vice President FTO, KLM Flight Academy Dec 1998 - May 2000
• Designed & developed the outsourcing trajectory to the USA, modernised theoretical training and simulator training
Managed operationally 160 students and 62 employees. (upgraded personal military pilot License pilot to JAA CPL IR (A)
• Outsourced successfully the aircraft maintenance contract worth 6 million guilders.
• Student marketing promoted resulting in increasing training contracts with 12%.
• By innovatively inserting critical factors of success and steering variables increased production in theoretical teaching with 10 % and practical instruction with 12 %.
• Led the theoretical and practical training project towards the newly required training JAR FCL documents in the Netherlands and for the overseas subcontractor.
• Developed and implemented a Quality Assurance System resulting in successfully being accepted as an European Flight Training Organisation (FT0).
• As one of the first FTO’s using an overseas subcontractor received the certification from the European authority, resulting in achieving a strong and competitive position on the European market.
• New products were being acquired and introduced resulting in changing the loss of
2% in a profit of 5%.

Pilot Officer and Q&A Officer, Dutch Air Force and USA Air Force (1983-1987) Oct 1978 - Dec 1998
• Operations Officer, Operational Pilot, Instructor, Q&A Manager, Line Manager and Staff and project Officer
• Successfully developed and installed a Unit Coordination Centre through which the transport capacity of the airbase increased with 20%.
• Managed with 6 staff members the operation Control Center of the airbase.
• Developed and installed a Hot & High training for transport helicopters in Spain, including the complete budget responsibility, execution and evaluation and feedback, through which a UN support mission in Africa became possible
• Successfully developed the intermediate retraining of new crews from light to medium lift transport helicopters en managed 45 personnel members within the operational section of the squadron. (Upgraded personally from light helicopter pilot to heavy transport captain)
• Developed and installed an innovative production tracking and steering model resulting in a 100 % increase in availability of helicopters.
• Made flexible use of the transport helicopters possible during a hectic and complex transition process resulting in delivering the transport support required during national and international exercises.

Consolidated professional & Educational Qualifications

Agile Software development via selfstudy with Parkmobile Netherlands 2010
TPI and CMMI via selfstudy with Sogetti Netherlands 2009
Program Management Qualified OGC through Ballast Nedam Program Mgr Course 2005
Prince2 Qualified – Key to Succes Training 2005
TMap Next and TPI processes via selfstudy with Sogetti Netherlands 2006
ITIL Qualification course 2001
ICT Project Manager, Government University Groningen 2001
Ballast Nedam, Managing successful programs OGC (MSPR/2377 2003
Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, Engineering System Safety Certificate 1993
Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, Man and his Environment Aviation Certificate 1992
University of Southern California in California Airbase Flight Safety Officer (Honor Graduate) 1992
Air Force Officer Academy, Professional career officer Air Force 1993
Air Force Academy and USAAVNC Fort Rucker Ala. USA, Military Officer pilot (USARMY Commendation Medal) 1978
Army NCO Training School, Military NCO Officer Cadre education 1980
USAAVNC Fort Rucker USA, Pre Command Officer Course 1998
Helicopter Service Norway, Multicrew pilot/transport operator 1996
Air Force in Woensdrecht, Instructor/mentor initial pilot training Air, Force with the PC-7 trainer 1992
NIA in Amsterdam, Operational hazards and environmental, safety specialist 1990

Personal Details

Date of Birth : 30th September, 1956
Nationality : Dutch
Marital Status : Married
Driving License : ABCDEF
Pilot Licences : EASA CPL IR SA and FAA PPL SA and CPL IR H
Languages : English, Dutch, German, French and Spanish

Other job skills and expertise in Aviation Management and business development