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Scala (Play, Akka), Java, Clojure, etwas C/C++, ein bisschen von Haskell
Datenbanken:  RDBMS (mehrere); Mongo, Accumulo
Funktional Programmieren: mit Scala: Cats, http4s, Circe
Senior Scala Developer, Kreditech GmbH, Hamburg, Germany 10/17-5/18
Developed business logic and microservices as member of 8-man international Loans Workflow team. Wrote Scala/Spring micro-services, Akka actors; Hibernate, scalaLikeJDBC. Docker Compose definitions; Team-City builds. Defined Acceptance Criteria with product owners and stakeholders (GDPR).
Extracurricular: study of Functional Programming in Scala, Chiusano, et al.

Senior Java and Scala Developer, Satellite Catapult, Harwell 08/16-03/17
Developed Hadoop 2 cluster designed to prevent illegal fishing. Wrote map-reduce ingest pipelines in Java, Scala; HDFS, Yarn config., Accumulo, Geomesa queries. Python scripting. Tested Spark machine-learning harness. Dessigned Protobuf for NATS server over Hadoop nodes. Mentored junior developers. Extracurricular: wrote Spark-Kafka structured streaming app on Cassandra, tested w/ kafacat; Pyspark.

Senior Java and Scala Developer, Taylor and Francis Group, Abingdon 03/16-06/16
Developed Scala microservices on Play 2.4 for text-relatedness. Sbt config. Designed AWS Cloud and deployment architectures using EC2, Terraform, Bamboo. Mentored junior developers. Configured jobs on Apache Spark, AWS (EMR) Hadoop; AWS HDFS clusters.

Researcher, BWeaver Enterprises Ltd, Oxford 04/15-02/16
(1) Wrote book (310 pp. at publishers); (2) researched concurrent and functional programming (Scala, Clojure, Java 8, Haskell); actors (Scala Akka); Java multithreading (Goetz, JCIP).

Java and Clojure Developer, Salmon Ltd, London 03/14-03/15
Developed REST-ful microservices for leading UK retailer. MongoDB full-text search, node.js scripts, Spree components. Hired backend team of 5 devs, estimated sprints, gave bi-weekly client presentations. Extracurricular: (prototyped linear-regression estimator w/ Spark).

Senior Java and Scala Developer, Wellbeing Software, Mansfield 07/13-11/13
Developed scalable high-performance Visual Analytics API used by NHS Trusts to analyse patient harm rates. Optimised MongoDB, benchmarking Aggregation Framework against map-reduce; analytics visualisation. Developed asynchronous handling w/ futures and Akka actor framework on Play!. Wrote UI using AngularJS/Bootstrap. Wrote HTML5 single-page mobile app; Scala test harness; Scala Play templates.