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SAP ABAP Consultant-SAP Technical Team Manager

Profilbild von BaarOEzguer Kahraman SAP ABAP Consultant-SAP Technical Team Manager aus Erlangen
  • 91056 Erlangen Freelancer in
  • Abschluss: Aegean University-Computer Engineering
  • Stunden-/Tagessatz: 80 €/Std. 640 €/Tag
    Negotiable. Can be change remote or on-site consultancy
  • Sprachkenntnisse: deutsch (Grundkenntnisse) | englisch (verhandlungssicher) | türkisch (Muttersprache)
  • Letztes Update: 19.12.2017
Profilbild von BaarOEzguer Kahraman SAP ABAP Consultant-SAP Technical Team Manager aus Erlangen
My 14 years of experience includes; development of Abap and SAP related technologies like reports, HANA, Alv, user-exits, Badi, Rfc, Sap script & smartforms, object-oriented abap, ale, edi, idoc, Sap Java connector & Sap .net
connector, dialog programming, webdynpro java & abap, fiori..
I usually worked on nearly all Logistics modules(MM,SD,PP,PM,QM,WM), FI-CO and Integration.
Also i have 5 years of SAP Technical Team Management
  • PFW Aerospace Gmbh (Service of Aviation) 2017
- Managing SAP system of Turkey plant
- User management
- Project management of supplier integration
- Managing relations with headquarter (Spayer / Germany)
- Managing freelance SAP consultants
- Requirement analysis
- Collecting requirements
- Request prioritization
- User training (processes)
- Development (FI, MM, SD, PP, QM)
- Training of SAP team (technology)
  • Besler  (Food-fat&oil) 2017
- Seperation of SAP system of Besler from Yildiz Holding and combining it  with Marsa Company                                                                                                                                                  
- Managing development team
- Keeping SD, MM integration with Yildiz Holding ( Idoc, Rfc)
- Setting up master data management system
- Integration with master data portal
- Review/maintenance of all custom developments
- Review/maintenance of integration with Third Party systems(Warehouse, scale, RF)
- Review/maintenance of all user-exit, Badi, Fibf, Enhancement points
- Review/maintenance of all ALE customizations
- Documenting
- End-user training
  • Franke – Vestel  (Electronics and White Goods) 2017
- Managing integration on Vestel side
- Design of SD integration (Inquiry, Quotation, Order)
- Idoc, abap developments
  • Panasonic Gmbh – Vestel  (Electronics and White Goods) 2016-2017
- Managing integration on Vestel side
- Design of SD integration (Inquiry, Quotation, Order, Delivery, Shipment, Invoice)
- Idoc, abap developments
  • Vestel (Electronics and White Goods) 2008-2017
- Cash Flow, Limit Risk reports, &  Bank integrations
- Supplier & customer payment-collecting operations, reconciliation
- Vestel Germany SAP project implementation (SD-MM integration responsible)
- Vestel France SAP project implementation (SD-MM integration responsible)
- Vestel Italy SAP project implementation (SD-MM integration responsible)
- Vestel Group of companies Financial Processes integration responsible
- Contract management(Vessel,Truck, Courier..) and Forwarder integration project manager
- Forecasting reports & icron(third party planning software) integration
- Artwork Supplier invoice integration project manager
- Sample Management project manager
- Export & Import operations reports support
- FI Debit & credit reports
- EDI integrations with customers(Quelle,Sharp,Whirpool, Electrolux ..)
- Customer limit ve L/C reports
- Finance IBAN mandatory project
- Incentive reports
- Contract manufacturer follow-up reports
- Artwork, label, box supplier follow-up project
- ERP Hardware migration & Archieving project
- Smartboard distribution project
- Consignment purchase operations, agreement and info record maintenance
- E-invoice analysis
- Supplier quota arrangement analysis
- ERP upgrade 4.6c ->6.0 project
- ERP upgrade support
- User Exit & BADI & Enhancements
- EDI & IDOC developments
  • SunExpress (Aviation) 2014-2017 www.sunexpress.xom
- Flight Crew Per diem calculation project
      - Trainer crew per diem calculation project
  • Polinas-Farmamak-Rotopa? (Packaging and Containers) 2011-2016
      - E-invoice project manager for client side
      - Shop floor optimization
      - WM operations with RF Terminals (palletising, transfer, ..) converting old programs to SAP ITS
      mobile standard
      - Developing reports in QM, PP, MM, SD, FI modules
      - Developing smartforms, layouts in FI,SD modules
      - Polinas Italy(Nuroll Spa) SAP implemantation project-responsible for localization
      - Abap trainer (Training the IT crew of Polinas)
      - ERP upgrade support
      - IFRS(International Financial Reporting Standarts) project
  • Opet Fuchs Mineral Oil (Specialty Chemicals) 2013-2015
- Stokbar integration updates
- Supplier evaluation project
- FI Babs reports
- Stock difference management & distribution
- Updating reports after e-invoice project
- Change management in BOM and Production Order
- QM user-exit developments
- Developing smartforms, layouts in FI,SD modules
- Developing reports in MM, SD, FI, QM modules
  • CMS Jant (Automotive) 2013-2015
- Consignment sales operations reporting
- PP & PM & SD & MM & FI &
- Budget operations and reporting
- Rework, Tax reports
- BOM & actual production comparison analysis
- Scrap follow-up reports
- Purchase order change management
- WM operations and RF developments
- Collective production order confirmation operations
- Forex integration
- PM counters and reports
- BOM change management
- Aviexp programs(customer integration)
- Europe Logistics project development responsible
- Debit workflow
- SD workflow
- User-Exit & Badi
  • Fem Logistics (Logistics) 2012-2015
- Vehicle maintanence, monitoring. Cost analyse reports
      - SAP & Launcher software integration for shipment operations and planning between
      Keskinoglu and Fem
  • Keskinoglu (Food manufacturing & processing) 2009-2015
- Launcher(third party production, warehouse and fields sales software) integration on all
operations of SD, MM
      - Developing reports in MM, SD, FI modules
  • Tavvuk Restaurants (Fast-food) 2013
- Micros( & Sap accounting integration, logging and reporting
  • Koza Gold Mining (Mining) 2010-2012
- Purchase order confirmations
      - Developing smartforms, layouts in SD module
      - Developing reports in MM, FI modules
  • Cevher Dokum (Automotive) 2009-2012
- Stock difference management & distribution
      - Bank and collecting operations management
      - GTip consumption reports
      - Developing reports in MM, SD, FI, QM, PP modules
  • Carfi Civatacilik (Machine Industrial Products) 2010-2011
- Product Labelling & warehouse operations
  • Petkim (Petrochemical) 2010
- Abap trainer
  • Erbakir (Mining & Metals) 2006
- Abap trainer
Remote or Nürnberg Area prefered.
%30 of travel can be accepted.

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