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Christian Krause


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Senior Fullstack Developer (Architect)

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Computerprogrammierung Host-Systeme Rechnerarchitektur Front End




By nature, I am inherently curious and always interested in understanding how technologies function beneath the surface. Fascinated by graphical interfaces, I wanted to explore it further, so I started experimenting with programming. Since the age of 9, I have been engaged in hardware architecture, and programming became part of my journey at the age of 13. As a result, I now have a deep understanding not only of frontend development but also of how my code utilizes resources in the host system and the limitations of the technologies I employ.


01/2017 - 10/2023
Frontend JS Typescript Architect
Exaring AG (Internet und Informationstechnologie, 50-250 Mitarbeiter)

The Exaring AG is a German company specializing in the development of innovative technologies for digital entertainment. Its flagship product is the streaming platform

My task involved the development and migration of various services within the company. Here is an excerpt highlighting the main responsibilities:

Web Player: The main task was to develop a web player that aimed to expand the product offering of with a web-based solution. The web player was a greenfield project. It was part of my daily responsibilities to translate design concepts into React components and shape the application architecture. Over an extended period, we utilized Storybook as a tool to optimize communication and collaboration between designers and the product team.
As evolved into a significant player in the streaming industry, the requirements for our product also grew. The microservices backend architecture was continuously expanded, necessitating corresponding adjustments in the client architecture. Additionally, I was involved in maintaining and managing the JAM stack environment, significantly contributing to the selection of relevant technologies.

Customer Registration: This React project focuses on creating a seamless and user-friendly user registration experience. The web UI offers a clean and intuitive interface, guiding users through a straightforward registration process. It includes interactive form elements for users to input their information, with real-time validation for enhanced accuracy. Additionally, the project integrates state management to ensure a smooth and responsive registration flow, enhancing the overall user experience.

Customer Care Cockpit: This full-stack React project involves creating a comprehensive customer care cockpit crafted to help employees assist customers efficiently. The web UI utilizes React to deliver a responsive and dynamic user interface, offering employees a seamless tool to manage customer inquiries. This includes functionalities such as customer search, an overview of customer payment transactions, and details from payment providers. The system enables employees to process refunds, apply voucher codes, and request support logins, as well as the possiblilty to reuqest temporary access to users' accounts. Following technolgies were involed: React JS, Node JS, Appolo

Development Stack: At the beginning of the project, we managed each application in its own GIT repository. As this became increasingly cumbersome over time, we opted to switch to a Monorepo. To assess the pros and cons, a proof-of-concept was developed, and ultimately, we made the decision to proceed with it. From the start, I emphasized the importance of code quality, package vulnerability, and the bundle size of the delivered apps. Throughout development, all code changes were consistently monitored in the GitLab pipeline, and these considerations were incorporated as criteria for the pre-selection of libraries.

UI-Tests: All user flows for registration, customer self-care, booking, as well as individual player features, are covered through UI tests.

Technologies Used: Typescript, Node.js, Express.js, Styled Components: MUI, Stitches.js, GraphQL, JavaScript, Storybook, Esbuild, Zustand, React, Rollup, Webpack, AWS, microservices.

Backend Architecture: Microservices REST API

Applications and Tools: Docker JIRA and GitLab

10/2016 - 12/2016
iOS Lead Developer
München Nokia (Telekommunikation, >10.000 Mitarbeiter)

As a freelancer for Nokia, I had the opportunity to develop a highly challenging native iOS app with web components. I independently executed this task, encompassing a broad range of functionalities and components that delivered an impressive user experience.
Within this project, I successfully conceptualized and implemented the following components:
  • Dashboard with Graph Overview: An intuitive dashboard enabling users to overview essential data and statistics through vivid graphs.
  • Integration of an Internal Social Network: Connecting an interface to an internal social network to promote user communication and collaboration.
  • Virtual Reality (VR): Virtual factory tours: Implementation of a Virtual Reality module providing users with an immersive virtual tour of production facilities.
  • CMS Contents: Construction of a web renderer for an existing Content Management System for managing location-specific content.
Developing this app required a high level of technical expertise and the ability to design and seamlessly integrate complex components. The result was an impressive application, allowing users to interact comprehensively with the provided content and features.

01/2016 - 09/2016
iOS Developer
München Exaring AG (Internet und Informationstechnologie, 50-250 Mitarbeiter)

The project involved services for the development of the streaming app for iOS. My tasks included feature development, performance optimization, and UX enhancement. I played a significant role in the UI development of the following sections: Google Chrome Cast connection, EPG (Electronic Program Guide), and live view. Additionally, I was tasked with the development and improvement of the overall architecture, such as the recording manager. Throughout my work, I interacted with all areas of the app.

04/2015 - 09/2015
Fullstack JS Developer
Pro7 Sat.1 (Medien und Verlage, 500-1000 Mitarbeiter)

Conceptualization and implementation of a real-time analytics Single Page Application (SPA) using AngularJS. This application was designed for capturing and presenting real-time metrics and dashboards in the context of market research. In my role, I was significantly responsible for the design and implementation of the entire UI frontend architecture. Our technology stack included AngularJS 1.x, Bootstrap, SCSS, Node.js, Bower, and Express.js. My involvement in this project began in its early development phase, typically working in a team of three developers on the implementation.

Technology Stack
AngularJS 1.x, Bootstrap, SCSS, Node.js, Bower und Express.js MongoDB

02/2014 - 08/2014
iOS Developer
Nürnberg IT2Media (Medien und Verlage, 250-500 Mitarbeiter)

The application was developed to meet the needs of field service representatives, enabling efficient capture and management of customer information. It serves as an effective tool for sales and configuration of corporate products. Our target audience, consisting of customers in the business directory sector, received a tailored sales solution on iPads, allowing for immediate customization of advertising content.

In collaboration with another freelancer, the task of developing a solution for the iOS platform was successfully completed and seamlessly integrated into the existing infrastructure. For the application presentation, we utilized a sample dataset and implemented an import mechanism to transfer this data into the application. The data model was developed based on CoreData to ensure efficient data management. Finally, a SOAP client was initially developed but was replaced by the implementation of a REST client in a strategic decision just before the project's completion.

Our solution meets your customer's requirements and is now available to optimize the desired sales and configuration processes.

04/2013 - 11/2013
Frontend Developer Web
München Gini GmbH (Internet und Informationstechnologie, 10-50 Mitarbeiter)

This AngularJS web UI project involves client-side rendering for archiving and analyzing documents with AI enhancement. The application was designed to provide seamless document management, utilizing AngularJS for a dynamic and responsive user interface. Key features include document archiving, where users can easily upload, organize, and categorize documents. The project incorporates AI enhancements for document analysis, offering intelligent insights and facilitating efficient data retrieval.

08/2011 - 03/2013
Fullstack Mobile Developer Android / iOS
Chip Online (Medien und Verlage, 50-250 Mitarbeiter)

In the Android and iOS native development of a 'Besten Listen' app, we aimed to provide users with insights about the best products across different fields. Leveraging Android and iOS development frameworks, the app seamlessly integrates with a Python Django REST API to fetch data. Users can explore curated lists showcasing top-rated products in various categories, enhancing their decision-making process. The app features an intuitive and user-friendly interface designed for both Android and iOS platforms, ensuring a consistent experience. By connecting to the Django REST API, the app ensures up-to-date information, making it a reliable resource for users seeking recommendations in diverse product categories.

03/2010 - 07/2011
Fullstack Web Developer
München Chip Xonio Online GmbH (Medien und Verlage, 50-250 Mitarbeiter)

For the Preisvergleich website, built with PHP and the Zend Framework, we implemented a robust master-slave MySQL architecture to ensure efficient data handling. The website utilizes REST API integration, providing users with a seamless experience to compare the best products and prices. Additionally, the admin interface, powered by an extjs-based CMS, facilitates the authentication and management of imported CSV files and image imports for an enhanced and user-friendly content management process.

03/2008 - 02/2010
Fullstack Web Developer
München Inostudio (Medien und Verlage, < 10 Mitarbeiter)

For Inform and Inform 2.0, our team utilized PHP and the Zend Framework to drive both the backend and frontend development, ensuring a robust and scalable CMS CRM system. The integration of FPDF enhanced document generation capabilities, providing advanced features for creating dynamic and visually appealing reports. Leveraging the power of PHP and Zend Framework, we successfully implemented a comprehensive solution that addressed the needs of both backend data management and frontend user interactions within the Inform and Inform 2.0 systems.


Verfügbar in den Ländern Deutschland, Österreich und Schweiz


Exaring AG
Frontend Developer (Ömer Ergan)
"I'm delighted to provide a reference for Christian, who's had a significant impact on our team and projects. Christian excels in expertise, dedication, and innovative solutions as a Senior Frontend Architect. His analytical skills, attention to detail, and commitment to learning set him apart. In summary, Christian is an outstanding Senior Frontend Architect and a top-notch freelancer, contributing significantly to our success. I wholeheartedly recommend him."
Senior Software Engineer (Shahin Bayat)
"I had the pleasure of working with Christian on the same project. He is a highly skilled software architect, particularly in frontend architecture, notably with React. He consistently tackled complex challenges, demonstrating innovative solutions. His deep understanding of best software development practices significantly improved our project's technical quality. Beyond his technical knowledge, he is a pleasure to work with - a team player who communicates well and shares knowledge generously."
Product Owner (Sonja R.)
"Die Zusammenarbeit war geprägt von offener Kommunikation und großer Hilfsbereitschaft. Mit seiner langjährigen Erfahrung war er ein sehr wertvolles Teammitglied und stand seinen Kollegen immer beratend zur Seite. Chris hat sich vor allen Dingen als Treiber notwendiger Veränderungen in der Architektur von Projekten herausgestellt. Mit großer Eigeninitiative bei der Übernahme neuer Aufgaben, konnte er immer praktische Lösungen für komplexe Probleme finden und diese effizient umsetzen."
Profilbild von Christian Krause Senior Fullstack Developer (Architect) aus Kottenheim Senior Fullstack Developer (Architect)