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Sven Litke

Interims Manager, Business Consulting, Influencer Relations & Marketing

Profilbild von Sven Litke Interims Manager, Business Consulting, Influencer Relations & Marketing aus Bocholt
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Profilbild von Sven Litke Interims Manager, Business Consulting, Influencer Relations & Marketing aus Bocholt
Geschäftsführung, Unternehmenssteuerung, Turnaround Leadership, Unternehmensplanung, Change Management, Marktpsitionierung, New Business Development, Go-to-Market Strategie.

Internationales Vertriebs- und Marketing-Management. Erfahrung im Channel- und Distributionsgeschäft sowie Start-up Business. Kompetenz im Vertrieb (direkt und über Partner) und b2b Business Marketing mit Schwerpunkt im Bereich Influencer Relations (Analyst Relations, Social Media Marketing und PR) in Deutschland und international. Mehr als 20 Jahre Erfahrung in der IT Branche.
“Sven's work has been instrumental in building Azeti's Marketing strategy. His diligence was fundamental helping Azeti to achieve the Gartner's Cool Vendor of the Year award, transforming a Pan European brand into a multinational, well-recognized business. He has a great enthusiasm, is energetic, and always willing to collaborate in building new ideas. He doesn't limit his activities to the traditional Marketing/Promotion/Communication area. He is continuously engaging with the Sales Department to develop programs that help to promote Sales and facilitate the generation of Leads, making the Marketing department a strong, revenue-oriented division.” José Bustamante, Vice President MEA, azeti Networks AG

“Sven is a talented and highly professional marketer who has a deep understanding of his company\'s value proposition. He is global in his thinking with great attention to detail and focus on what is important - generating the bottom line!” Managing Director/CEO, azeti Monitoring Solutions UK Ltd

“Sven has excellent market skills and analytic capabilities to gather relevant g2m informations in the shortest possible timeframe. He understands business and technology language and is perfect in packaging the message to the market. Literally a native english speaker, he is a good choice in international positions.” Thorsten Schaefer, CEO, azeti Networks AG

“Sven is a dedicated hard working professional and brings a wealth of experience to any business development role. His knowledge of the market and analytic skills along with his consultative approach proves successful both with external customers and with providing internal feedback and suggestions to the team.” Daniel Sammler, Gartner EMEA

“I have worked with Sven for nearly two years in the DACH team at Gartner. Having worked closely with Sven I can say that he has a focus on success and I would recommend him to any organisation looking to develop relationships, unearth, develop and maximize opportunities. It has been a pleasure to work with Sven.” Kevin Hasenkamp, Gartner

“Sven and I were business partners in my time at Forrester Research. I have met Sven as a very enthusiastic and focussed Manager at Azeti Networks. His goal was to expand Azeti`s activities and relationships throughout Europe. He has an eye both, for strategic direction as well as for details, and I provided him with the necessary inside knowledge and visibility at Forrester Research. I highly appreciate his engagements and skills and have no hesitation to recommend Sven to any organisation” Gerd Kollakowski, Business Development, Forrester Research Ltd., London/UK
flexibel nach Absprache
- Internationales Vertriebs- und Marketing-Management
- Produktmanagement, strategisches Marketing, inkl. Influencer Relations
- Unternehmenssteuerung, Turnaround Leadership, Unternehmensplanung
- Anbahnung von Geschäftsbeziehungen, Direkter und Indirekter Vertrieb, New Business Development

Branchenerfahrung: 20 Jahre IT Business (Management Ebene, Consulting/Analst, Hard-/Software, VAR/Distribution Channel)