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Bhanuchander Yamzala

Senior Embedded Software Developer

Profilbild von Bhanuchander Yamzala Senior Embedded Software Developer aus Hyderabad
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Profilbild von Bhanuchander Yamzala Senior Embedded Software Developer aus Hyderabad
Responsible for development of firmware and drivers
Responsible for analyzing requirement spec, development of HLD and LLD.
Responsible for development of system architecture and designing firmware.
Responsible for implementation and troubleshooting hardware interface, data acquisition, pressure, & temperature sensor.
Responsible for testing GSM/GPRS modem, calibration of analog channel & designing digital circuits.
Responsible for installation & commissioning of products in customer place & cost estimation.
Responsible for defect analysis & implemented plans for defect prevention

Expert in:
Microcontroller Programming
Linux and RTOS Device Driver Programming
Nucleus, uClinux ,WinCE and Free RTOS experience

Programming Languages:
Shell Script bash, ksh, csh

Object Oriented Programming
UML modeling methods

TI Dual Core Chip Cortex M3 & C2800 Concerto F28M3552 / Code Composer & DSP BIOS
OMAP 1710, OMAP L138, AM35xx
Freescale i.MX31 ARM11 / Linux Kernel 3.2
Freescale DSP MC56F83xx / Code-Warrior Processor Expert
Freescale Kinetis KL2 ARM Cortex M0+ / Code-Warrior Processor Expert
ATMEL ARM9 / Linux Kernel 2.6 / Debian / Open Embedded
ATMEL ARM7 / FreeRTOS GNU Toolchain
ATMEL AVR mega128
AXIS ETRAX 100LX / Linux Kernel 2.4/2.6
NXP ARM7 / Keil uVision 4 mit und ohne Realtime OS RTX
ST Micro STM32 ARM Cortex M3 + M4 / Keil uVision 4 / Raisonance Ride7
Motorola DragonBall / uClinux Kernel 2.4
Motorola HC11 / HC12

Eclipse CDT C/C++ IDE (Cross Compiling)
Keil uVision 3 + 4 für ARM mit und ohne Realtime OS RTX
TI Code Composer 5.3
Raisonance Ride 7 for ARM
Rowley Associates CrossWorks für ARM7
Metrowerks Code Warrior / Prozessor Expert
Emacs / PSPad editor / Ultra Edit / RedHat Source Navigator
Enterprise Architect UML / Poseidon UML
Borland C++ IDE Builder / Beck IPC
WinAVR / AVR Studio

Software Package:
GNU open source tools g++, gcc, make, ld, ar, gdb (Cross Compiling)
Open Embedded Platform-Builder for Embedded Linux
RedBoot boot loader
uBoot boot loader
Linux Kernel 2.4, 2.6 und 3.x
Motorola cc, make, ld, ar, gdb …
Rowley Associates CrossWorks for ARM7
Metrowerks Code-Warrior / Processor Expert
Cosmic Compiler / Debugger for HC12
Assembler HC11 / HC12
CVS / SCCS/IBM Rational Rose Clear Case/Clear Quest/ Rational Rose Test RT

Technologies / Standards:
Telnet, FTP, etc...
Theories of Process-Scheduling, Preemption, Memory-Management, Interrupt-Handling, Timer
Linux Kernel-Threads, pthreads, Interrupt-Handler, Timer, HRT, etc...
Linux Sockets, Pipes, Queues, Files, etc...
Linux Semaphore, Mutex, Spin-Lock, etc...
CAN, I2C, SPI, RS232, RS485/422, USB, etc ...
Period: 05/2012 – Till Date
Client: Motorola Solutions Inc

Porting Android 4.0 to a new hardware platform. Adaption and development of kernel- and users-pace. Presentation of the out-comes at Embedded Linux Conference Europe (ELCE) 2012.
Embedded Linux kernel development for different boards, adding new functionality.
(Ethernet, Power Management, MMC, Video Display, Voltage Regulator, USB, Touch Screen)
Publishing several commits to official mainline Linux kernel tree.
Support for customers via email and IRC.
(Linux Kernel, Android, git, ARM)

Period: 12/2010 – 04/2012
Client: Motorola Solutions Inc

Implementation of a system to get better disk I/O in a virtual machine. Evaluation of different virtualisation technologies and their mechanisms to access a disk image.
Development of a new access mechanism under KVM/Qemu. Adaptation of the Linux kernel and Qemu. Evaluation of the new mechanism. Presentation of the outcomes at KVM Forum 2012.
(KVM/Qemu, Linux Kernel, I/O scheduling, git, fio, blktrace, iostat)

Period: 10/2009 – 11/2010
Client: Motorola Solutions Inc
Embedded Linux:
Responsible for the embedded Linux distribution, based on a AVR32 board. Development of different device driver in kernel- and user-space (I2C, SPI, RS-232, RFID, inertial sensors).
Adaptation of the boot loader. Design, implementation and maintenance of the Board Support Package (BSP) using Buildroot. Bug detection and reporting to the Buildroot user community.
(Linux Kernel, Embedded Linux, Buildroot)

Micro controller:
Programing of a digital signal processor (DSP) from Texas Instruments (TMS320 family).
Implementation of a receiving mechanism.
(CodeComposer Studio, EMI)

OO programming:
Adding new data types to a C++ Framework. Evaluation and improvement of a C++ library for the transmission of positioning data. Extension of the GUI to show the sensor values.
(C++, UML, Qt)

Period: 04/2009 – 09/2009
Client: Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits (IIS)

Design and implementation of a framework to configure and supervise analog-digital converter of an FPGA board. Creation of a communication channel for remote-updates between an embedded Linux based on a FPGA and a micro controller.
(embedded Linux, VHDL, Atmel AT90, Xilinx Toolchain, Xilinx EDK, Lua)

Tunnel the network connection between two FPGA based RTAI systems.

Period: 04/2008 – 09/2008
Client: Satyam Computers

Board-bring-up of a controller circuit board for an FPGA system. Design of a human-machine-interfaces. Implementation of a communication channel between FPGA and micro controller. Implementation of a control loop for the fan speed. Identifying hardware bugs.
(C, Atmel AT90, PWM, I2C-Master)

Period: 10/2007 – 03/2008
Client: Satyam Computers
Implementation of a monitoring system, based on an Atmel AT90USB to supervise a beam forming antenna. Implementation of different device drivers (I2C, RS232). Implementation and documentation of the interface to an external device. Creation of different alarm modes and design of an alarm protocol.
Evaluation of a MSP403 micro prcessor for a mobile transmitter station.
(C, Atmel AT90, MSP430, I2C, RS232)

Period: 02/2006 – 07/2006
Client: Primes IT solutions
Enhancement of a framework to find the optimal FIR filter coefficients, using a genetic algorithm. Implementation of C++ templates. Development of a XML schema for the configuration of the framework. Development of a Qt based GUI to create the XML file.
(C++ Templates, Qt, XML, UML)

Period: 10/2005 – 01/2006
Client: Econtec GmbH

Evaluation of different Content Management Systems. Development of the corporate web page with Joomla!.
(Joomla!, Zope/Plone)
8hrs/day, including weekends.