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Bozhidar Varbanov

Softwareentwickler C/C++, Web/JavaScript, Mobile

Profilbild von Bozhidar Varbanov Softwareentwickler C/C++, Web/JavaScript, Mobile aus Ettlingen
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  • Abschluss: M.Sc. Software development
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Profilbild von Bozhidar Varbanov Softwareentwickler C/C++, Web/JavaScript, Mobile aus Ettlingen

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Win32, COM, DirectShow, boost, STL, Networking, TCP, UDP, HTTP, HTML, JSON, JavaScript, SQL, jQuery, Java, JavaScript

Founder, Software developer

2007 - current
The main goal of this project is to address any resource on your mobile phone or your personal computer to the web in a secure and reliable way.

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Nero, AG

Software developer

April 2003 - July 2012
Developed audio/video streaming and playback of Blu-Ray software player, released with Nero 10.
Implemented matroska file container, low-level api, Dshow filter.
Implemented of encoding / decoding filters for NeroDigital format.
Developmpment and support of NeroShowTime, NeroRecode, NeroVision.
Adobe Premiere plug-ins for encoding to NeroDigital.
Electronic-Design, GmbH

Software developer

Oct 2001 - March 2003
Development of video editing software suite VideoCockpit.
Developed various internet services for remote administration, capture and scheduling of TV playback and capture based on HTTP and WAP protocols (
Developed a plug-in for Adobe Premiere for capture & playback of MJPG files.
Development of WDM drivers for hardware based capture PCI cards “Xplay” (MPEG2) and “EDmjpg”.
Administration of intranet knowledge and bugbase.
WebMessenger, Inc

Team leader, Software developer

Dec 1999 - August 2001
Managed team of 5 developers and 2 test engineers for creating audio multimedia applications for Windows.
Participated in bugs fixing and extending the features of Medical surveillance software from Nicolet Biomedical Group – “Sleep”.
Development of a low-level CD recoding API, as well as audio CD recoding applications.
SIS Technology, AD

Software developer

Dec 1997 – Dec 1999
Developed system for full automation in supermarkets and large trading objects. (POS Master).
Developed system for visual building of custom reports.
Developed easy to use script language for automation of frequently used tasks such maintenance, backup/restore (zip/unzip) and remote administration of databases.
Design, installation and maintenance of company’s web site, internet services mail, ftp, firewall and also security.
Design, support and installation of customer’s networks, equipment and helpdesk support.
Bulgarian Naval Academy

Completed military service

1996 – 1997
Network Administrator of RS/6000 server running AIX operating system.
Designed and extended internet and intranet services.
Leaded training course for working with Windows and Internet.
Bonus Technologies

Joint owner, Software developer

1993 – 1996
Developed hotel reservation system for Windows 3.1 ( Borland OWL / C++ ).
Developed accounting system for small trading object for Macintosh system 7 ( FoxPro ).
Helpdesk support for OS System 7.x, Windows 3.x, OS/2.
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