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Presentation & Interpersonal
    •  Managing the Roadshow for the Companies SharePoint
     Conference booth at the European SharePoint Conference
    •  Pitching for products on conferences and roadshows
    •  Speaker for Dortmund Project (Young IT Specialists, Press,
     and IT Management)
    •  Consulting enterprise Corporation Departments (References)

h & Analysis
    •  Optimization Process of SharePoint / MOSS / O365
    •  Project Software
    •  Reporting and Stakeholder Meetings

Migration Lead, Technical Lead, Infrastructure Consultant
and trainer
    •  Known for excellent troubleshooting skills - able to
     analyze, deescalate and motivate in Projects or Runs.
    •  Expert collaboration technical skills – with 9 years of
     Experience in Enterprise Projects and consulting.
    •  Kick Off to finishing line the ability to rollout a project,
     from kickoff to cutting-edge applications and solutions.
    •  Reporting and Meeting when it matters Stakeholder reporting,
     customer consulting, team member motivation
    •  Standards vs Requirements – Identifying the core needs of
     Requests and how to reach the line
    •  Consulting with Developer skills – business consulting,
10/2018 - 03/2018 Lotus Note Migration to SharePoint 
Lotus Notes Applications have been migrated to SharePoint 2013 with the Focus for ReUsability. 
Lotus Notes Databases have been migrated with PowerShell and CSOM.
The UI was created with Client Side Rendering, JavaScript and HTML via Injection.
Also the UI has been designed for executive and Stakeholder usage in meetings and as Dashboards for KPI and fast Issue Tracking. 
Processes have been designed and created with Nintex Workflow. Dynamicfields have been rendered and calculated in RealTime via JavaScript in HTML, without the need of DataStorage  

09/2018 - 01/2019 SharePoint 2016 Consulting and Support for Solutions and Processes
Clientside and remote Support for integrating SharePoint on Premise for the Customer. 
Current Forms have been deployed via Word and are beeing migrated with Nintex Forms and SharePoint 2016
IT Department Support for using SharePoint in Enterprise mode. 
Planning and Designing the new Intranet for the Entire Company Group

07/2018 - 12/2018 Microsoft Office 365 PowerApp Real Estate Management Processes
  • Request Management for the Internal Department
  • Development and Prototyping
  • Release to MVP
For the internal DataBase based on Access 2003 a migration to the Cloud was projected. 
The initial Request Management and Data structure was planned and rolled out to SharePoint Online via CSOM and PowerShell. 
The migration was done with PowerApps(ModernUI) and AngularJS (Classic Design). The implementation of the solution was rolled out as MVP with the goal of agile growth. 

06/2018 SharePoint CSR List View DashBoards for Data Classification
Providing a Rollout for Boldon James custom solution to display the status of the document security Status provided by the user. Documents which have not been classified have been identified by initial PowerShell Script to show the need of the implementation.
Techniques used: SharePoint 2016, JavaScript, SharePoint Client Side Rendering (CSR), HTML, PowerShell

01/2017 - 06/2018 SharePoint Contact DataBase DashBoards
Request Management for the internal Department. Including initial evaluation, prototype and design of the solution. The Solution was from a Big Lotus Notes Contact Database XML Format to SQL Server DataBase. The WebUi was based on SharePoint 2016 including a provider hosted App for manipulating the Data. The Ui had options to identify the relevant Data and display KPI for the Stakeholders.
Final Solution was developed by external Consulting Company which was guided through request and design specifications.
Techniques used: HTML, JavaScript, CSS, SQL Server, C#, API, Search

03/2018 Wizdom onPremise Installation
SharePoint 2016 Wizdom onPremise Installation with the Vendor and importing already created Data from Cloud to onPremise.
Techniques used: HTML, PowerShell, XML, CSS, SQL 2016

02/2018 - 04/2018 Change Request Board SharePoint App
Design, Development of a Change Request Manage Solution for SharePoint with export to SAP Changes. User are able to provide information in a SharePoint form, Change Request Manager are able to control the complete Lifecycle to trigger Rollouts in the Citrix environment. Stakeholders and Management can see the complete performance of the Teams within their departments or units.
Techniques used: HTML, jQuery, CSS, PowerShell, Windows-Server 2016, Charts.js, SharePoint

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2013 Workflow Engine, API, Search, CSR

02/2018 - 04/2018 Executive Board SharePoint App
Specification, Design and Prototype of the SharePoint Solution with focus on Usability for the Members of the Executive Office. Goal to implement an Executive Board Meeting Tool to provide timeslots for speakers and export the realtime data to an editable file on Mobile devices.
Techniques used: HTML, JavaScript and Framworks (react.js, Jquery), CSS, SQL Server, C#, API, Search

01/2018 Wizdom Cloud Installation Office 365 / Azure
SharePoint Cloud / Azure Wizdom Installation with the Vendor and creating sample Data for validation, Administration of the SiteCollection for Users accessing the Interface as Editors, Visitors and Owners.
Techniques used: HTML, PowerShell, XML, CSS, HTML, SQL 2016
06/2017 - 08/2017 Workflow Server implementation
Evaluating and extending the SharePoint 2016 Environment with the SharePoint 2013 Workflow engine. The Rollout was done via a three tier(Production, Integration, Sandbox) multi location (GER, LUX) setup with evaluation of the User requirements.
Techniques used: Windows-Server 2016, SQL Server 2016, SharePoint 2016, Workflow Server 2013
12/2017 Reimburstment SharePoint
Architecture for reimbursements in the financial industry, related to day trading.  Failed operations needed to be identified and validated by the Managing Directors of the Streams.
The Solution was created in JavaScript with the Support of SharePoint Workflow 2013 Engine.
Features: Cascading Listitems, Spreadsheet Import, Spreadsheet Copy and paste to Childitems, 4 Step approval for Parent Items and single disapproval for childitems.

11/2017 Document Governance for Audit
For an external Audit Documents had to be added to a Document lifecycle.
The lifecycle contains the following steps: Request Documents and MetaData by an Auditor, Internal Employees had to deliver all Documents regarding a specific Topic. These Documents then had been locked up for the Audit. KPI were defined for these Sets for the Stage of the Audit, these KPI have been visually  upgraded by Microsoft Client Side Rendering (CSR) for the Users Dashboards.
The flow of the Document was designed with SharePoint Workflow 2016 for collecting feedback, locking document and releasing them.
10/2017 Process Manager SharePoint
SharePoint Solution for managing all Processes in the Company, all Processes needed to be validated from time to time via this solution. It is based on Javascript, Client Side Rendering, SharePoint Workflowengine 2013. 
The Processowner can define deputies, assistants and forward the task to them. All Processes where then shown in and overview for the Stakeholders of the company. The Document Lifecycle was managed via SharePoint, Workflows and User Interaction.
Techniques: HTML, JavaScript, Client Side Rendering, SharePoint Workflow 2013, SharePoint Document Lifecycle
06/2016 – 04/2018 SharePoint Architecture Infrastructure
For an international Environemt a SharePoint 2016 environment was designed and validated with Microsoft Premier Services. The overall Architecture was based on the calculation of Lotus Notes Datastructure. The Usage went to Company relevant IT System and needed to be extend in Storage, Office WebApps and for the Intranet as well. 
SQL Server, Certificates,App server, Windowsserver, OfficeWebApps, Exchange

05/2017 - 07/2017 Planning and Rollout of Project Server 2016

Role: Architect
Projektinhalte: Before activating the Project Server feature on SharePoint 2016 the Environment needed to be validated regarding Capacity and Infrastructure. It was validated in a three-tier environment.
Only limited Users were able to access the Server regarding the company policy and license management.
No further customization was done, to use it in a default

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Kenntnisse: 3-Tier Architektur, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server, Microsoft Sharepoint, Microsoft Project Server, windows server, sql server
Eingesetzte Produkte: Microsoft SharePoint Server 2016
04/2017 – Architecture SharePoint 2016 Hybrid
Next Step in the Project is the migration in the cloud partial as a hybrid cloud solution, to ensure the usage of Slack, Flow, Project server, Power Apps, JavaScript, OneDrive, Skype for business, Azure Ad and much more.
All Data is validated by Metadata and content before moved in the Cloud.
Test tenants are set up and the architecture for the Datacentres especially DMZ are validated.
07/2016 – 05/2016 SharePoint / Office Governance
Defining the governance based on the features for applications, usage, guidelines, training, permissions, application management, developers and platform services.
On Demand the governance is design by use, a base governance has been defined in 07/2016 and is expanding based on the solutions, features and trainings.
Part of the governance guidelines have been solutions which have been developed ensuring the use of the governance concept (Permission, Audit, Provisioning, Update, Features and executive permission provisioning)
07/2016 – 05/2017 – Project Management and Architecture of Applications
As SharePoint Stream Lead the complete request, requirements and architecture was done. More than 50 Lotus Notes App have been evaluated regarding business process, data, functionality) including Architecture design, communication regarding future need and obsolete applications and process optimization.
As base solution, a JavaScript framework was created which provides the reuse of already done programming.
Depending on the need and availability to be run in the Cloud all solutions were designed to run in Office 365 or Hosted App in Azure.
The role contained responsibility for a team of four Developers, including communication with the requesting departments.
All solutions have been evaluated regarding documentation, quality of code, interface usage, provisioning and budget.
Techniques: C#, JavaScript, HTML, ASP.Net, Exchange, SharePoint 2016, API
08/2016 – Launchpad Design SharePoint Hub
Providing a new front-page for SharePoint Apps as an alternative for the Lotus Notes tiles, a new Hub Page was development as an intranet out of the box Solution, providing search based content for the User.
The App was integrated in SharePoint and set as home page, providing: SharePoint Site Aggregation, Social Aggregation, OneDrive Aggregation
A future intranet Migration as Cloud based app is planned and will be the first available app in the cloud for the company.
Techniques: C#, Hosted Apps, ASP.Net, JavaScript, SharePoint API, SharePoint 2016
07/2016 – Architecture SharePoint 2016 International Multi Farm Environment
For the migration from Lotus Notes to Microsoft Office 2016 and SharePoint 2016, a complete new Design of the Infrastructure has been done.
Based on the requirements of the Customers internal restrictions and international Laws, a SharePoint 2016 environment was Designed providing High Availability for all locations (Germany, Luxembourg, Hong Kong, Prague, Chicago, Boston).
Solution: Four Tier SharePoint Farms on international Datacentres each including Mysites, Teamsites, Projectsites, Testsites, Office Online Server) ready to be run in a hybrid Office 365 environment. The Project was part of the Future Workplace and my architecture has been validated by Microsoft Germany. Tasks of this Project have been design of the software architecture, Hardware and virtual machine Design, storage consumption estimate, load balancing of the machines and data centre placement.
05-07/2016 – Architecture and evaluation of Big Data Migration
Customers archives are going to be migrated into searchable documents, therefor all Documents are in progress being scanned and migrated on file shares. Since OCR was not an option due to age and quality of the documents the documents have been indexed and metadata was added manually.

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As Solution, all scanned documents have been automatically migrated into SharePoint including the extracted Metadata. Responsible Departments have been informed based on the extracted information.
04/2016 – Documentation and Scheduling
Documentation of the environment and setting up time and schedules for maintenance defined in the overall governance concept. The complete documentation was hand out to the CIO of the company for the future project progress.
Internal employees have been instructed about the application management and platform services.

02/2016 – SharePoint Coworker training
Training new Application Management Employees for different Architectures and Software solutions in SharePoint, which includes a contract Management (Ecspand), Custom solutions, Provider based Solutions and Project Server with Addons (Campana & Schott).

01/2016 – SharePoint publishing page navigation provider
Designing and implementing a custom Navigationprovider for SharePoint 2010 which automatically creates a 3 Tier fold out Menu on the Sidebar and a Megamenu on the top menu.
Techniques: C#, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Powershell
Software: Visual Studio, SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013, SQL

12/2015 – SharePoint roles and permission reorder
On Premise SharePoint environment was in need of a reorganization of the user’s permission and roles structure to fit in the new it-security governance, the solution was a Script which was scheduled and reorganized the complete permissions, from direct permissions to groups. This included creating new groups and permissions structure out of the script.
Techniques: SharePoint Webservices, HTML, Powershell, SQL
Software: Powershell, Visual Studio, Excel, SQL, SharePoint, Windows server.

11/2015 – SharePoint 2013 autoinstall script for plattform
Setting up Autoinstallscripts for SharePoint 2013 in a Multifarm environment including a staging for Developers, Sandbox and Production, the Use case was for a customer’s SharePoint 2013 rollout on Premise.
Techniques: Powershell, SQL
Software:      PowerGUI, SharePoint, Windows Server 2012, SQL Server

10/2015 – Project Server Upgrades
Setting up Terminal servers for users who need to access Projectserver via Project-Professional. Access was granted for external Consultants and Employees who are Members of the Companies global Project Management organization.
Pre-Requisites  for implementing the environment included restructuring the Active Directory and synchronization with Project Server.

Implementing features into the SharePoint like TASKs and Campaign sharing works in Office 365 and SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013.
Techniques: C#, HTML, Javascript, JSOM, CSOM, Webservices, Javascript, JSON
Software:      Visual Studio, Azure, Office 365, SharePoint 2013, MY, SQL Database

Implementing features into the Social CRM like Helpdesk Web FAQ, BI and Campaign sharing, also updating the solution package for onsite rollout.
Techniques: C#, HTML, Javascript, JSOM, CSOM, Webservices, Javascript, JSON
Software:      Visual Studio, Azure, Office 365, SharePoint 2013, SQL Database

Variation of Dashboards in Excel based on SharePoint Content, WebAnalytics, Files and Structures a long with Useraccounts and Calendar data.
Techniques: Excel Services, Excel Dashboards, SharePoint Webservices, Powershell, VBA
Software:      Excel 2010, SharePoint 2010

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Implementation of a central Infopathform Solution for CIO IT requests for the entire company, ordering Useraccounts, Fileshares, Printer or Mobiledevices.
Rollout has been Version 2 based on Infopath and Nintex Forms.
Techniques: Workflows, Formserver, Excel
Software:      SharePoint 2010, Nintex 2010, Infopath 2010, Excel 2010, Powershell with PowerGui

Porting and Migrating SharePoint 2007 Web Applications into one SharePoint 2010 Webapplication with Enterprise Publishing features active.
Techniques:  C#, HTML, JavaScript, Webservices, SQL, Powershell
Software:      SharePoint 2010 (on Premise) with Windows Server 2008, Visual Studio 2010, SQL Management Studio, Powershell, ASP.NET

Based on the SLA Limit for SharePoint Database Recovery, the content had to be reorganized for shrinking the Databases. Websites had to be ported into SiteCollections with custom Databases to enabled fallback and backup scenarios.
Techniques: Powershell, SQL
Software:      SharePoint 2010 (on Premise) with Windows Server 2008, SQL Managementstudio, PowerGUI, Custom Tool Development, Axceler

Corporate Governance for Sharepoint emergency and recovery scenarios, write up and concept for emergency recovery for a Multifarm environment based on SLA and and TQM processes.
Dynamic Spreadsheets for SharePoint and Server feature selection including guidance what to do.
03/2015 – Project Server implementation
Deployment of Project-Server into the existing infrastructure with additional Solutions developed inhouse and by Campana & Schott Milestone aggregation. Tasks for success have been planning the environment, installing components (Reporting Server, Campana & Schott Databases and Solutions, Nintex for Projectserver).
Techniques: Powershell, SQL, HTML, Javascript and ASP.Net, Microsoft Active Directory
Software: SharePoint 2010, Projectserver, Windowsserver, Microsoft SQL, Campana&Schott Aggregation

Corporate Governance for SharePoint, user and permissions had to be cleaned up in over 200 Site collections and 4000 Websites. Corporate Governance based names for usergroups and permissionlevels had to be implemented along with structured user permissions.
Techniques: Powershell
Software:      SharePoint 2010 (on Premise), And Windows Server 2008, PowerGUI

Together with a Microsoft Premier Field Engineer, I analyzed the SharePoint Environment for need of optimization and performance bottlenecks.
Techniques: C#, WebServices, Powershell,
Software:      Microsoft Tools, SharePoint 2010 (on Premise), And Windows Server 2008, SQL Database

Software release management in SharePoint for the client software team, enabling software managers to maintain software versions and release rollouts via SharePoint management.
Techniques: C#, WebServices, XML, CSV, Workflows, Reporting, Business data connections (BDC)
Software:      Microsoft Developer Tools, SharePoint 2010 (on Premise), And Windows Server 2008, InfoPath, Nintex 2010 Workflow
Post Migration Upgrade for hyperlinks in SharePoint, replacement of obsolete Urls in SharePoint and Documents.
Techniques: Powershell

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Software:      SharePoint 2010 (on Premise), And Windows Server 2008, PowerGUI, Microsoft Office
Offline Synchronization from Client software to SharePoint via Web services. User exports from Client and Server Software to reporting Dashboards in SharePoint 2010. Server side  software service which uploads File immediately after being placed in a drop off folder.
Techniques: C#, WebServices, XML, CSV, Cryptography
Software:      Microsoft Developer Tools, SharePoint 2010 (on Premise), And Windows Server 2008

08/2014 – Social CRM Viral Connect for Sharepoint 2013 ON GOING
Personal Software, Complete Design and Solution for Microsoft SharePoint 2013 – managing social network accounts out of SharePoint. Seamless integration of Facebook and Twitter into SharePoint for managing Campaigns, Followers and automating Posts from SharePoint Lists and Libraries.
Picked as Microsoft BizSpark PLUS StartUp in Germany.
Interfaces for other Software like Microsoft Dynamix are in development.
Techniques: C#, HTML, Javascript, JSON, XML, Services
Software:      Microsoft Developer Tools, SharePoint 2013 (on Premise), And Windows Server 2008

Optimizing SharePoint Farms performance, by integrating Processes and Monitoring for the staging Environment.Nintex Database splitting for performance of SharePoints Workflow History lists including a development of a reporting tool for high readout workflows and automating the cleanup.
External Solution Analysis of deployed items and snooping for possible Code Issues and Security Violations.Consulting and training for SLA on new Deployment and Upgrade Management.
Techniques and Software: Powershell, Excel, .Net 3, Console Application, Nintex, SharePoint 2010, MS-SQL 2008

05/2014 – Contract Management
Rollout of the D.Velop Ecspand Contract Management Suite in a four Tier Farm Architecture.
Integration of all Services including Nintex Custom Workflows for OCR, Contractual Architecture and SAP integration.
In behalf of D.Velop Vienna, Ecspand Germany as a Certified Ecspand Administrator.
Techniques and Software: Powershell, HTML, Javascript, Ecspand Contract Management, Ecspand OCR, Nintex

Architecture and execution of migrating SharePoint 2010 SiteCollections which have been high Risk for Datasize and Usage.
Included shrinking of SiteCollection Databases to several smaller Databases, Backup Management and reorganization of the SharePoint Databases, I analyzed and coordinated the Company departments Sites relocation.
Techniques: Powershell, MS-SQL, AAM, ManagedPath
Software:      Axceler, MS Project, SharePoint 2010, MS-SQL, IIS

09/2013 – Digitial EMployee Record SharePoint
Architected and implemented a personal record management system for employees, including a self-service for managing changes and requests from the Intranet based on SharePoint 2010.
Techniques: C#, HTML, Javascript, Webservices
Software:      SharePoint 2010, Windows Server 2008, SAP, Microsoft Developer Tools

06/2013 – sharepoint administration wizard
Architected, implemented and developed for 2010 a solution which redirects users based on their roles to custom SharePoint Layout pages. Landing Pages and Layout Pages can be deployed in Page Libraries and offer wizard functionality for User Management, Website Settings and Feature Mangement.
Techniques: C#, HTML, Javascript
Software:      Microsoft Developer Tools, SharePoint 2010, Windows Server 2008
02/2013 – Interface for an external domain
Architected and designed an interface for an external Domain implementation for SharePoint 2010.
Users can update their Domain Account Information to an external Profilestorage as a self-service,

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restricted to their own Profile. Solution integrates into any SharePoint Application updating the AD Account.
Techniques: C#, HTML, Javascript
Software:      Microsoft Developer Tools, SharePoint 2010, Windows Server 2008

09/2012 – Custom Publishingpages Migration to Sharepoint 2010 migration
Architecture of an Intranet solution in SharePoint 2010.
Quality Assurance of external Consultants and freelancers, pre Sales for the internal Marketing Department. After taking over the Migration Lead for the Publishingpages Intranet, I had to redefine the Project and resources. Farm background: SharePoint 2007 base functionality was removed with external Software which only used the Roles management. This Solution couldn’t be migrated; the goal was to write a set of Data mining tools for SharePoint 2007 which then migrate the old Content to new Farm.
Techniques: MS SQL, WebServices, C#, PowerShell
Software:      Visual Studio, SharePoint 2007 / 2010, Windows Server 2008

07/2012 – Intranet Migration 2010 Preflight DatA AND Design
Design and development of a SharePoint 2010 Intranet Prototype as showcase for the CIO and CEO with modified Ribbon, Layouts and Contentautomatisation.
Techniques: C#, HTML, Javascript, LayoutPages, Webparts, Nintex, XSLT
Software:      Visual Studio, SharePoint 2010, Windows Server 2008,

11/2011 – Migration DMS SharePoint
Migrating the companies SharePoint applications from 2007 to 2010. Migration included Workflows, Custom Solutions and customized Websites and SiteCollections
Techniques:   C#, SQL, Winforms, PowerShell, HTML, Javascript, LayoutPages, Webparts, Nintex, XSLT

09/2011 – migration Tool development
Several Tools have been developed for analyzing the SharePoint 2007 Farm after reaching the limits of PowerShell. Pre-Checks, Content Migrations, Cleanups and Database analysis have been developed without the need of Tools from 3rd Party Companies.
Techniques: C#, SQL, Winforms, PowerShell, HTML, Javascript, LayoutPages, Webparts, Nintex, XSLT
Software:      Visual Studio, SharePoint 2010, Windows Server 2008,

08/2011 – MOSS 2007 Newsletter
Collaboration Plattform for creating Company internal Newsletters based on security status and roles.
Techniques: SharePoint 2007, Workflow engine Nintex, standard webparts
07/2011 – Sharepoint 2010 – Templating and custom layouts
Migration prerequisites development, as update for SharePoint 2010. Complete clean templates, Layouts, Workspaces MasterPage and CSS. Migrationtests, User Testing, User Seminars for SharePoint 2010
Techniques: C#, HTML, Javascript, LayoutPages, Webparts, Nintex, XSLT
Software:      Visual Studio, SharePoint 2010, Windows Server 2008

07/2011 – My Profile peoplesearch extension
PublishingPage Solution for SharePoint 2007 and SharePoint 2010
Users can edit their Profile WYSIWYG in the Peoplesearchcenter without having SharePoint MySites activated.
Techniques: C#, HTML, Javascript
Software:      Visual Studio, SharePoint 2007 / 2010, Windows Server 2008

06/2011 – Contenttype and Template repair
Updating an existing Template in a SharePoint environment, redefining ContentTypes, Teamsites, meeting spaces and MasterPages.
Techniques: C#, HTML, Javascript
Software:      Visual Studio, SharePoint 2010, Windows Server 2008

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05/2011 – Governance and DMS Infrastructure (Ongoing process)
Rise the user acceptance for IT Governance – process and project has been active project for about 12 month based on Microsoft and companies internal guidelines.
Technical Solution: DMS Application Infrastructure reorganization and Searchcenter adjustment with PowerShell support for hierarchy movements. Essential Step in this Farm while migrating to 2010.
Techniques: C#, PowerShell
Software:      Notepad, SharePoint 2007, Windows Server 2008,

04/2011 – localization and implementation Nintex, bamboo
Preparing Bamboo Solutions for a German environment, translating the Resources writing user documentation.
Techniques: .Net
Software:      Visual Studio, SharePoint 2010, Windows Server 2008, Bamboo

04/2011 – architecture and implementation IT Securityconcepts
Concept, Solution and Delivery of an IT Security publishing requirement. The Solution monitors the defined Period of updating concepts and requests approval for the Document sets. Approval is based on 10 different Roles in the departments and companies.
Techniques: C#, HTML, Javascript, Webservices
Software:      Visual Studio, SharePoint 2010, Windows Server 2008, Nintex

03/2011 – contract management suite quality assurance and implementation
Solution Layout, Quality Assurance and User Seminars for an external contract Management Solution. In Collaboration with an external Consultant Agency, the Solution was designed and implemented for SharePoint 2007. The Application has been migrated to SharePoint 2010 later. Several Additions have been developed with the internal Change Request Process.
Techniques: MS SQL, WebServices, C#, Infopath, SAP
Software:      Visual Studio, SharePoint 2010, Windows Server 2008

11/2008-2011     Renewment of IT infrastructure and collaboration
Company collaboration and governance integration.
Providing SharePoint 2007, processes, templates, workflows, ERP interface, ecommerce upgrade, Server infrastructure cost optimization, integrating external solution and service provider.
The Companies Fileshare, local shares and exchange shares have been moved into Structures with rights and roles in SharePoint. The ERP solution has been connected to an ecommerce storefront with a company cloud.
Several tools which integrate into SharePoint and Office have been developed or standards have been purchased.

01/2010|02/2011 – ENTERPRISE eCommerce Storefront with ERP Integration
Enterprise eCommerce System including Templateengine, Development of the XHTML Framework and Modules in XSLT.  Frontend and backend Programming, such as Imageprocessor Logics, ERP Integegration (KHK Sage) and AJAX for Shoppingcart and Images and detail pages.
WSI 3.0 for importing and exporting Products, or export Content to Social Networks. Full integration of Payment Providers, such as Ogone with DirectDebit, Creditcard processing (PCI Compliant).
Techniques: XHTML 1.0 Strict, JavaScript, AJAX, CSS 2.0, RSS, XSLT, XML, ASP.Net, C#, Ado.net
Software:MSSQL, Visual Studio, Windows 2008 Server, GDI+, 

03/2010 – Datascraper, Dataminer, Compare, History
Development of a Data Scraper which mines Content from other eCommerce Systems or Productfeeds.
Including a Watchdog for drastically Pricechanges. Base Classes for Migration onto other Cartsystems in .Net.
Techniques: Winforms, c#,  MSSQL, XML, XSLT, RegEx, GDI+
Software: Visual Studio 2008, MSSQL 2008, XML, XSLT, Excel

01/2010 – CMS Developing and Design
CMS Design and Templateengine, Development of the XHTML Framework including Modules in XSLT.
Contentinterface for Communities
Techniques: Valid XHTML 1.0 Strict, JavaScript, AJAX, CSS 2.0, RSS, XSLT, XML
Software: JQuery, PHP, MySQL, Notepad++, Apache, GD-Lib

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02/2009 – Portal Relaunch
Rebranding a Portal including new features for Pricelist and Customer Sign Up for a wholesaler.
Techniques: JavaScript, AJAX, CSS 2.0, MSSQL, ASP.Net 2.0, C#
Software: VisualStudio Professional 2008, IIS 6.0 , Windowsserver 2003, .Net Framework 2.0

12/2009 – Magazin Relaunch
As internal Marketing Tool a 9 year old Website had to be rewritten to compete on other Pages. As it was most likely blog content a Core was taken and wrapper template engine was written to have a magazine style layout. Migration was made with a tool written in C# injecting the Data into the MySQL DB, including rewriting of Links and Image Galleries.
Techniques: Valid XHTML 1.0 T, JavaScript, AJAX, CSS 2.0, MSSQL, MySQL, XML, CSV, PHP, C#
Software: VisualStudio Professional 2008, .Net Framework 2.0,  Notepad++

12/2009 – Survey Tool with Administration
Survey tool was developed to create and deploy web based surveys to gather feedback from MAXS customers, it was written in C# - ASP.Net including SQL 2008 and XML. Template could be SQL or XML File with Questionnaire, customer answers where saved to file system as XML. Administration features Charts and Bars for analytics.
Techniques: Valid XHTML 1.0 Strict, JavaScript, AJAX, CSS 2.0, MSSQL, XML, XSLT, ASP.Net 2.0, C#
Software: VisualStudio Professional 2008, IIS 7.0 , Windowsserver 2008, .Net Framework 2.0

11/2009 – eCommerce  Wishlist engine
Integration of a Wishlistengine for a XMas Special. Customer where able to select a Product, define a custom Price and it to shoppingcart afterwards a Notification of that Order send to Salesteam.
Techniques: Valid XHTML 1.0 Strict, JavaScript, AJAX, CSS 2.0, XML, WSI 3.0, ASP.Net 2.0, C#
Software: VisualStudio Professional 2008, IIS 7.0 , Windowsserver 2008, .Net Framework 2.0

11/2009 – CMS Upgrading
CMS Design and Templateengine, Development of the XHTML Framework including Modules in XSLT.
Contentinterface for Communities.
Techniques: Valid XHTML 1.0 Strict, JavaScript, AJAX, CSS 2.0, RSS, XSLT, XML
Software: JQuery, PHP, MySQL, Notepad++, Apache, GD-Lib

10/2009 – eCommerce Administration 2.0
Classic ASP Storefront Software needed new features for Product Publishing, Social Communities and better Sales Analyzes.
Features: Reward Points management, Customer modification, Payment integration
Techniques: Classic ASP, MSSQL 2008, XHTML, Custom Logon User functionality, GDI, ASP.Net 2.0,
Software: IIS 5.0, Windowsserver 2003, MSSQL, Visual Studio 2008, XSLT, XML

09/2009 – CMS Developing and Design
CMS Design und Templateengine for a Clubpage, Development of the XHTML Framework including Modules in XSLT. Photos where taken on location as well.
Techniques: Valid XHTML 1.0 Strict, JavaScript, AJAX, CSS 2.0, RSS, XSLT, XML
Software: JQuery, PHP, MySQL, Notepad++, Apache, GD-Lib

08/2009 – Hardware and Software optimization
Based on loadout and usability a housed Server was configured including Hardware Firewall.
Features: Windowsserver 2008, .Net Framework, Classic ASP, MSSql 2008, WSI 3.0, SSL Thawte, Cisco Hardware Firewall.

05-07/2010 Code & Performance optimization
Upgrading the Storefront based on VBS and HTML 4.0 Static content and controls where rewritten to dynamic controls. Optimization for 2001 based Website, needed to embed ASP.Net for standard functionality. The HTML 4.0

07/2009 – MAXIES Administration
Classic ASP for deleting and updating reward points of customers. Reward points were created three weeks after an successfully placed order. Sales team can now create custom offers for customers to redeem reward points with products.

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Techniques: JavaScript, AJAX, CSS 2.0, MSSQL, ASHX, ASP.Net 2.0, C#, Classic ASP
Software: VisualStudio Professional 2008, IIS 7.0 , Windowsserver 2008, .Net Framework 2.0, VBS

07/2009 – eCommerce Administration
Classic ASP Storefront Software needed new features for Product Publishing and small CMS functionality. Sales should be able to create Offers immediate and publish News.
Features: OnePage Offer Editing, AJAX Postbacks, Publishing and Unpublishing Versioning of Articles.
Techniques: MSSQL 2005, MSSQL 2008, Storedprocedures/Transact, ASP.Net 2.0, Classic ASP, JQuery, AJAX
Software: IIS 5.0, Windowsserver 2003, MSSQL, Visual Studio 2008, XSLT, XML

06/2009 – Social media integration
Integrating Facebook API and Social Links into the Plattforms.
Techniques: HTML, Javascript, Facebook API, RSS

05/2009 – Voucher Engine
Engine to generate Vouchers and validate it to Clients, Customers are informed via email notification. Used for promotion with Communities where customers could request these.
Techniques: JavaScript, AJAX, CSS 2.0, MSSQL, ASP.Net 2.0, C#
Software: VisualStudio Professional 2008, IIS 7.0 , Windowsserver 2003, .Net Framework 2.0

06/2009 – Content Management
Migrating a .Net Blog engine including the Custom Template and integration to an existing Classic ASP Project “Customer Portal”
Techniques: JavaScript, AJAX, CSS 2.0, MSSQL, ASP.Net 2.0, C#
Software: VisualStudio Professional 2008, IIS 6.0 , Windowsserver 2003, .Net Framework 2.0

05/2009 – Newsletter with Contentinterface
Creating an API for a Storefront to export Data via WSI to a Newsletter Software, Image FTP, Product XML, later 2009 deploying for a Store Update.
Techniques: WSI, ASP.Net, C#, Classic ASP VBS
Software: VisualStudio Professional 2008, IIS 6.0 , Windowsserver 2003, .Net Framework 2.0

04/2009 – ERP Interface Pricelistgenerating
Sales team was in need to generate Pricelist including information about Warehouse stock statistics, Price and Currency Analysis. The ERP (KHK  Sage) should not be modified to inject any business logics, Winform logic based on Storedprocedures and direct SQL Access.
Features: Template Selection (e.g. $, €, £), Export to CSV or Excel.
Techniques: MSSQL 2005, Storedprocedures/Transact, .Net 2.0, Winforms
Software: Windowsserver 2003, MSSQL, Visual Studio 2008, XML, Office 2007

04/2009 – Storefront upgrading Classic ASP
Upgrading Databaselogic and performance on a Storefront written in Classic ASP, changing controls logic and Menutypes including Optimization of HTML and scripts.
Techniques: MSSQL 2000, Storedprocedures/Transact, VBS, Classic ASP
Software: Windowsserver 2003, MSSQL 2000, Notepad ++

03/2009 – Payment Gateway integration and update
Perfomance and security tuning for a storefront, Session Share Logic between classic ASP and ASP.Net. Interface for Postbank Paysolution and Ogone on Serverside.
Techniques: MSSQL 2000, Storedprocedures/Transact, VBS, Classic ASP, C#, ASP.Net
Software: Windowsserver 2003, MSSQL 2000, Notepad ++

02/2009 – ERP Data Migration into Storefronts
After an Update from our ASP of the ERP, we needed to update the SSIS Packages from former MSSQL 2000 to MS-SQL Integration Services. Creating SQL Transactions for Data Pumping and Scraping from local Servers to hosted Webservers.
Techniques: SQL, Storedprocedures/Transact
Software: Windowsserver 2003, MSSQL 2000, Notepad ++, MSSQL 2005, KHK Sage.

01/2009 – Upgrading Social Plattforms, Communities, Portals

10 von 14

New Strategic Web Placements in Social networks such as Facebook, Studivz, Twitter, MySpace. Extending the Local Portals for new Brand Placements and collaborate harder with the Community.

11/2008 – X-Mas Calender
24 Special offers had to be adverted via ecommerce Cart
Techniques: Valid XHTML 1.0 Strict, JavaScript, AJAX, CSS 2.0, MSSQL, ASHX, ASP.Net 2.0, C#
Software: VisualStudio Professional 2005, IIS 6.0 , Windowsserver 2003, .Net Framework 2.0

2008 – SharePoint: History Compare – Consulting Company Germany
Publishing Page Version history comparison between Variants; Full Logic of Publishing Page, including Highlighting of History via Javascript.
Techniques:  C#, SharePoint API, WebParts, Javascript
Software: IIS6, Server 2003, SharePoint (WSS or MOSS)

2007/2008 – SharePoint:  Consulting Company Germany
Several Workshop with Customers, Presentation and technology fairs.
Software: SharePoint (WSS or MOSS) , Nintex, SharePointdesigner

2008 – SharePoint: Workflows – Consulting Company Germany
Fifteen Workflows for different Scenarios e.g. Application for leave, Office Material Orders
Techniques: XML, InfoPath, WWF, C#
Software: IIS6, Server 2003, SharePoint (WSS or MOSS) , Nintex, SharePoint designer

2008 – SharePoint: Design Mods – Consulting Company Germany
Custom Masterpage Addition to existing Pages.
Techniques: C#, ASP.NET 2.0, CSS, JavaScript, SharePoint SDK, MasterPages,
Software: IIS6, Server 2003, SharePoint (WSS or MOSS)

2008 – SharePoint: LanguagePack – Consulting Company Germany
Developed for the solution of Freudenberg Publishing Portal, I developed a LanguagePack which consists of 4 Modules:
    1.  Language Splitter Page for users not signed in
    2.  Language Redirection based on the language defined in the ActiveDirectory
    3.  Language Dropdown on every Page to choose the language.
    4.  Full Custom Localized ASPMenu extension, single entries can be positioned on Users
     ?rights in ActiveDirectory OrgUnits.
Techniques: C#, ASP.NET 2.0, XML, JavaScript, SharePoint SDK, WebParts, MasterPages,
     ?SiteMapSources, ASPMenu Derivates
Software: IIS6, Server 2003, SharePoint (WSS or MOSS)

2007 – SharePoint: WebPart MyTools – Consulting Com
pany Germany
WebPart for creating a bookmark Flyout Menu which can be modified by the users (e.g. link to mysite, often used projects, documents etc.)
Important links are managed due central administrations by users Teamleads, these can’t be deleted or moved by the users. 
Techniques: C#, ASP.NET 2.0, XML, JavaScript, SharePoint SDK, WebParts, MasterPages
Software: IIS6, Server 2003, SharePoint (WSS or MOSS)
2006 / 2007  eCommerce Cart based on
Easy to administrate ecommerce cart, GDI+ integration for CI Integration, Ajax backend, XML Product and order export
Techniques: C#, ASP.NET 2.0, XML, JavaScript, SMTP
Software: IIS6, Server 2003, SQL 2005

2006 / 2007 – eCommerce Cart based on
Dynamic Grafix with GDI+,  Custom Navigation Provider, JQuery Integration, SKU Product Information Extension
Techniques: C#, ASP.NET 2.0, XML, JavaScript, SMTP, AJAX, JQuery
Software: IIS6, Server 2003, SQL 2005

2005-2006 – New Media A
gency Munich

11 von 14

    •  Several Solutions based on Successnet CMS „SnetBox“
    •  Creating the Architecture for a Newsletter Software “SnetNews”
    •  Multi Server Lexicons Management System
    •  GDI+ Headline Generator Logic written in ASP.NET 1.0 Systemen (later  ASP.NET 2.0)
    •  Newsletter Management System incl. RedDot integration, MSHTML, FTP, CMS functionality
     ?and AJAX
2001-2004 – Realtim
e trading Software
    •  Stockexchange „ClaimsData“ Analysis (MFC, Charting, SQL, COM API)
    •  Several Tools for Datamining, Parsing and Realtime Database integration
    •  HelpDesk Application “WebFAQ Generator” – Awarded by Dortmund Project
    •  Full Documentation of 100+ Classes COM Interface for the .Net Framework in German and
Projects can be international, travelling and remote hours in different TimeZones is welcome.

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