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Profilbild von Karsten Erlebach Project Manager and mobile expert aus Unterschleissheim
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Profilbild von Karsten Erlebach Project Manager and mobile expert aus Unterschleissheim
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Project Management Certificate
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References before Telefonica 2003
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- Radio and transmission Planning
- Data warehous modelling (Cognos)
- Project Management, Rollout Management for Radio and Transmission systems, (GDM, UMTS, LTE, MW, IP, WDM and TDM)
- System Vendor negotiations, presentations, RFQ-evaluations
- System Testing (Hard & Software), 
- RF Model Calibration
- Management of software development teams (agile/SCRUM and Waterfall releases) 
- Business Cases and modelling for 3G, 4G and 5G projjects 
Assignments in Telefonica Germany since May 2003
  • Since October 2014 Manager Transport Engineering Strategy: Managing a team for 5G mobile system strategy: Main Topics: Transformation to Full IP, Virtualisation & SDN, 5G-Architecture (Front- and Midhaul), C-RAN and V-RAN, Budgets, Processes & Physicals for MW, IP & Optics
  • Dec-2011-Sep-2014 Manager IP & Optical Networks: Manager of a design and implementation team for Fibre, DWDM, SDH, Ethernet and IP for fixed, mobile and business services.
  • Oct-2010-Nov 2011: Manager IT-Provisioning Systems: Manager of a Software development team (Scrum and Waterfall) for fixed and mobile provisioning.
  • January 2010: Assignment in Telefonica Germany Top Talent Program incl. 6 month Rotation to B2B Sales creating and selling mobile shopping Apps.
  • 2008-2009: Program Lead for an Ethernet Implementation in the mobile Backhaul
  • June 2003-2007: Technichal Lead of several internal transmission projects.
  • Received the o2-network excellence award in May 2006
  • 2005: Assignment for Telefonica international strategic group activitiies
  • Feb - May 2003: Contracted by Telefonica for UMTS-RF model calibration
Assignments as contractor
25.02.2002 - 5.1.2003: Orange Sverige AB Stockholm. Contracted as senior consultant for UMTS-Rollout
  • RF- and Transmission design and planning
  • Performing Training in UTRAN-Technology
  • Developing service scenarios for the Stockholm market
  • Developing Site quality benchmarking for technical and non technical disciplines
1.09.00 - 21.02.02: Siemens AG. Team Leader UTRAN-design for a new UMTS entrant in Germany
  • Head of a 10-member UMTS-design team
  • Complete UMTS-design for Germany including traffic, models & performance stats
  • Interface and negotiations with Client
  • Evaluation of candidates & site surveys
  • Turnkey process development for network acceptance tests, Objectives Definition documents, etc.
4.10.99-31.8.00: Mannesmann Eurokom. Contracted as senior consultant in the M&A-team
  • Generation of Bid texts and qualifier papers for projects in Spain and Switzerland
  • UMTS-design for Spain (Greenfield-operator)
  • BC-calculations for UMTS license acquisitions in Germany
  • Vendor UTRAN-system Evaluation (for XFERA-Consortium in Spain)
  • EMC-calculations for the Vienna Magistrate (support for Telering Austria)
  • Strategic papers for incumbents and greenfielders in UMTS

10.10.98 – 21.9.99: Telcom South Africa. Contracted as Planning Officer for MW-Projects.
  • Point to Point-systems (Ericsson Minilink, DXR, Rurtel, DRMASS, RTS-2
  • Wireless LAN-systems (Breezelink, Cylink, MPDR)
  • Point to Multipoint-systems (DECT A900, WLL I4000).
  • Tasks: Design of wireless links, feasibility study, compilation of installation documents,
    Equipment sourcing, optimization of planning procedures & Training of staff
06.01.97 - 30.09.98: RF-consultant at LCC International, Arlington/ VA. Senior engineer and Team leader. Clients & achievements:
01/97 - 08/97: PT Telekomindo, Indonesia: Team Leader for a combined AMPS & CDMA IS95 project, Tasks:
  • RFQ-evaluation, vendor negotiation for implementation schedule and responsibility matrix (with Lucent Technologies)
  • Headed 7 engineers of AMPS-CDMA design-team (250 sites) for Model-calibration, search map generation, drive test
  • Assisted office setup, staff-interviews for the operator and interconnection with PT Telcom
09.97-12/97: PT Metrosel. Indonesia: Team leader for a dual mode AMPS-CDMA IS95 project, Tasks:
  • RFP-Evaluation and vendor negotiation (Nortel, Motorola and Lucent).
  • Heading 4 RF-Engineers for dual mode AMPS-CDMA design (400 sites) including search map generation, candidate selection & drive testing
  • Traffic & market projection for 5 years with marketing department
  • Assisted in definition of design and coverage objectives
1/98-3/98: Lucent Technologies / PT Komselindo: Optimization engineer for an In-house optimization in CDMA IS95, Tasks:
  • In-house measurements of 50 business buildings for new CDMA-network.
  • Generation of Reports and Work Orders to achieve quality KPI's.
4/98-9/98: SFR France, Consultant for a GSM-Dual-Band 900/1800 Overlay design (Alcatel & Nokia), Tasks:
  • Design of in-house-projects and capacity hotspots (e.g. combined Micro, In-house & fiber optic repeater system in Le Bourget for military fair)
  • Participate in implementation, acceptance and cluster optimization.
  • Monitor performance quality (Metrica) and project cell traffic growth

14.11.94- 05.01.97: T-Mobil Darmstadt and Munich. RF-engineer GSM. Tasks:
  • RF- design, candidate-evaluation & selection of network in eastern Bavaria
  • Assisted sectorisation & capacity approximation for Munich network,
  • Compiled Repeater-planning documentation
T-Mobil / PT Satelindo, Indonesia. Assignment as Manager Cellular design for a GSM-Rollout (Siemens & Alcatel). Tasks:
  • GSM-optimization Jakarta. Propose and implement actions & parameter changes
  • RF- and MW-design and Implementation for outside Java project (Siemens) for 192 BTS. Design, vendor-task sharing, keep track & report of implementation progress, generating BSS-parameters & network documentation, doing performance drive test (TEMS).
  • Assistance in setup of planning tool (RFP for digitized data) & performed staff training.
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