Listycon bvba

Listycon bvba

Your IT-partner for Software and Hardware testing; Join our IT-Pool for outsourcing to projects matching your profile, interests and location.

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  • 9940 Evergem
  • Belgien
  • +32477707048

Founded in 2005, Listycon delivers professional IT-Services in different areas of the industry.
We attract, train and deliver Specialists for Outsourcing, covering:

Our Resource Pool is in a continuous expansion mode, attracting and training new High-Potentials. By committing to a long and lasting business relationship with Listycon, we motivate, engage and educate employees and screened externals to identify themselves with our IT-POOL! and expand their IT-Horizon over our different fields of expertise.
Thanks to our vast experience in different industries, Listycon makes a valuable and lasting contribution to a rapidly developing IT-market.
So, regardless if you are a potential customer, an interested consultant or the next employee-to-be, we're gladly looking forward to getting you in our IT-POOL!

Looking forward to hearing from you soon !! 
Pieter, CEO Listycon bvba